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Re: Questions: K7 vs. Ultra Prestige Neck

Originally Posted by corey j grieve View Post
They are Universe necks on the K7's,compare these specs to yours.
That's the problem. The specs for the "UV Prestige" neck are identical to my '06 Ultra Prestige neck... as well as identical to dozens of other necks listed on the Ibanez Wiki List of Neck Types. However, I've also heard that the UV Prestige necks have their own unique feel/profile. Same issue there: unique compared to what?

So, those basic measurements aren't enough. That's why I was hoping someone had hands-on experience. Obviously, I wish I could play a K7. That would negate the need for this post in the first place.

The challenge I have is trying to decide whether I'd like the neck on a K7 without actually being able to play one first. I've played RG's, I've played Lo Pro Edge's, but the neck is the big unknown.

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