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Sustain...What Makes it Happen?

I was comparing my RG2570e that I just bought and my RG570 Swirltop last night and I noticed a very significant difference in sustain between the two. So I'm wondering what makes one guitar sustain so much more than another when their construction is so similar.

The RG2570E has the stock Dimarzio/IBZ pickups and an Edge Pro bridge while the RG570 has EVO's and an Original Edge bridge, although the RG570 had beautiful sustain with just the stock V7/V8 pickups as well.

When I was refinishing my RG570 and another guitar I used the neck, body, and bridge in a few other combinations so I would have a floating trem guitar to play, but none of those combos ever produced the same sustain. Even using another RG570 body with this 570 neck did not produce the same...

Is it simply some combination of neck and body that, when combined, just resonate magically together?
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