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Re: my 50$ guitar in box.

New parts....lets just say I could of got a pretty nice guitar for what these cost!!!!

The new bridge hole spacing was slightly off. Easy fix....

New vs old

synthetic bone nut, after some shaving locked it in. Still needs to be filed and dressed.

new PUs wired and in!!!
Truth is the 'holes' in the PU base were untapped and smaller then the screws. I had to hog the holes out for them to start. Not real happy with that all things considered.

New tuning machines (locking Fender), strings and basic set up!!! Its funny because the PUs are real monsters, the tone sounds fantastic. I hate to sound cliche but it really does sound like SRVs tone!
I am still not a fan of Fender guitars; out of the 25+ guitars I have this is my FIRST and only Fender. In truth I am glad to have one after all these years.

The volume pot is crap....jumping and popping. I have decided to change the switches, pots, caps and jack.....after all....its the ONLY things not standard or custom shop Fender. I am also going to change the waterslide logo on the headstock.

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