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Re: Jammit? Anyone tried this app?

I finally got around to getting some tracks. So far I've only bought a few bass tracks but I'll be buying some drum and guitar ones too.

I will have to be buying all of the drum ones from Rush, without question.

But so far, I'm having issues with my Windows Jammit player. I have thus far not gotten it to work at all.

The Mac OS version works perfectly, however. I cannot wait to get my PC issues sorted and have functionality on both. If I can get a cheap iPad I might get it just for the Line 6 Mobile interactivity, which looks to be awesome if it works as advertised (PRE-dialed in "amp" tones that change with whatever song you're playing).

It's really amazing to hear the bass track solo'd on Paul Gilbert's "Blowtorch". There are things going on I'd never hear otherwise.

I imagine I'll hear lots of interesting things on the drum and guitar tracks too.

It's not very expensive per song and I think this is going to be well worth the costs.

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