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Re: My GSA60 Project: Blinky

So I'm scrapping the fabric. The whole reason I was going to do that was because I was most likely going to get a front routed guitar, and would need to replace the pickguard, making it look like it didnt have. One. Now that I have a rear routed guitar, I am just going to keep the finish.

Going with the last design for sure. Now to choose color..

Got it all cleaned up, set the spring tight enough so the trem isn't floating, tuned, set truss rod, set pickup height, and intonated.

Here she is all cleaned up.

I made some mock ups, placing paper circles on the guitar to get a better idea of size

So now I am trying to figure out how I am going to route the wiring, where to put the electronics. The leds will be wired in parallel, so they all need to connect to where the battery and guitar output meet. I have no interest in this being a floating trem, since tuning stability is the last thing I want to worry about, especially with the cheap tuners and nut (which I refuse to spend money on right now).
Since I have no need for the springs or the claw, that leaves that entire cavity for me to tinker with my electronics. The problem is, how to route wiring with the least amount of routing, and the most functionality. The idea I am leaning towards looks somewhat like this (the image is mirrored, as if it were a lefty, but everything is in the right place)
This is what the back would look like, with the holes drilled.

To route the wiring, I was thinking of using the dremel flex shaft, and drilling holes, under the surface (not visible from above), from cavity to cavity, for the purpose of routing wires and LEDs. The drilled spots would be like this (marked in gray)

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