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Re: Jem 20th an inspiration?

Originally Posted by ibanezcollector View Post
the knock off Lucite Jems were out before the 20th anniversary, so its been done before the 20ths...

Lucite is nothing new, and the vine inlay Ibanez stole from guitars many many moons ago.

Its nothing new. Ibanez doesnt have squat to sit on, and the guitar personally looks nothing like a Jem so I highly doubt it was inspired by or trying to cop some ibanez vibe.

In the real world Ibanez are seen as cookie cutter guitars. Shredders, metal heads machines, not versatile, etc.

Clearly the guitar was inspired by a strat, 3 single coils, 5 way, etc.

This thread is dumb.
Ibbys have that reputation over here in Japan, but the funny thing is, the thin necks are desired over here by chicks because they can get their hands around the neck... But most heavier guitarists over here use ESP. Go figure, Fujigen and Ibanez get ignored even though there are MIJ... Stupid "America makes things better" crap.
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