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Re: What Ibanez model..?!

Originally Posted by Chewy5150 View Post
I knew I seen this guitar before on here! Crazy that it made its round to Pittsburgh.. or there could be others.

Next time I go out there I'll try scoping it out. Hell if it actually plays nice I'll buy it haha
It could be that when Vester went out of business, somebody bought them all up and made them into Ibanezes to sell them quickly. While Vesters are not necessarily any inferior than an Ibanez at the same price, they don't have the name recognition of an Ibanez.

If you bought said Vester for a blowout of $75-$100 bucks, then you can put Ibanez logo on each headstock and clear spray them all. Who would think of forging a non-JEM Ibanez? Turn around and sell each for $150 to $200 dollars and take in a tidy profit.

So many know what a Les Paul or Stratocaster looks like but not everybody knows what the specific Ibanezes look like even though they know the name just after Fender and Gibson. Just as easy would be to forge all the Vesters and make them ESPs and sell them all off for a profit.
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