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bought myself a new guitar - pics inside

Here's a lil story for y'all to read. I went to the big city (calgary,alberta) for a week and i decided to trade in my guitar on a new one. I was very unassure which model I wanted to get, but I have always wanted a Soloist.

Anyhow, I played plenty of guitars including new Jem's, JS1000's, Signature ESP models, a Jackson Dinky, a few BC Rich's, a few PRS (dreaming though). But I NEVER found a JAckson soloist in the whole damn city. I called places and they were only available for order, and there was no deal's really, everyone wanted LOTS of money to bring in these guitars.

So anyhow, of all the guitars I played, I just LOVE the Peavey Wolfgang. IT has a wonderful feel on the neck, thats the reason why i bought it, the neck. It's taking me a while to get used to the upper fret access (fairly large heel) and it's only a 22 fretter, but I am working on it.

I have a few pictures within the links I am providing. I learned something through this experience....... don't go out and read constant reviews, go to a store and play many instruments so you know which one feels right to you. I never even considered a Wolfgang before this weekend.

Thanks for reading!
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