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Re: NGD: USA Custom - UCGR "Strung Out"

Originally Posted by Takin' a Ride View Post
Thanks, Ryc. It turns out it's a bit different. Since it's a H-S guitar, unlike your H-H, only the bridge pickup is going through the switch.

And the layout of the switch isn't exactly like the drawing. It's the same switch they used in a number of guitars through '88 for pickup switching. There are six poles, but two are on the ends and then there are two on either side. The two on the ends are jumpered together and tied to ground. The black/white from the bridge pickup was wired to the upper left lug, so when the switch was down, it grounded and split the coils. Up was full humbucker. I didn't like that, so I moved it to the lower left lug and now down is full humbucker. The switch was actually installed with the blade operating side to side, which is possibly because of the way it was wired. Up and down makes more sense to me

The hum I was getting was only when I was running the bridge pickup with the coils split. On the YM-30, it looked like the red wire was touching the third lug in, so I slightly repositioned the wire. I'm not sure if it was that or resoldering the coil ground, but the hum is now gone.

Thanks again!
Cool, the C2 is a humbucker though. There are two wires on the bottom of the pup soldered together and taped up (both black). You have to run a jumper from these wires to the mini-switch for tapping.

Does yours sound like this?? and yes, that's Damien with my 760HP
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