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Re: Can someone explain charvels to me please

They are pretty pricey these days if you are looking for a USA made one.

Best bet is to do what I did and build a Charvel style guitar. I built mine from a MIM alder Strat body, Warmoth neck with stainless steel frets and 10-16" compound radius fretboard, EVH Frankenstein humbucker and a specially made bridge made from titanium and brass components that I had made to suit the 2-1/16" screw spacing on the import/ MIM Strats, but saddles set to 2-1/8" to be more like Floyd Rose spacing.

Cost me around $600 all up, finished the neck myself with a poly clear on the neck. The bridge I was lucky enough to get for free in exchange for review. The costs included shipping to Australia for the body and neck, so it would be a bit cheaper for you as well.
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