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Re: js 6000+2000 eerrrrrrkk

Hey, not sure if this will help but here goes:

I bought my 6000 3 years ago for 700 from a guy in Belgium (so cheap shipping & no duty to the UK) it was pretty grubby with a few dings (none on the front) but cleaned up very nicely.
Since then I've only seen one on eBay in the UK which was up for 850 but it never sold. That was about 2 and a half years ago, so given that 1000's are going for as low as 480 over here now I couldn't see it going for a fortune....but you never know as it's a hell of a lot rarer than a 1000

Toadfish sold his JS6 last year & the last price he listed was 999. I guess it's down to the luck of someone desperate to get their hands on one seeing your ad.

As for the 2000 good luck! I saw a dinged up one go for 600 last year & then couldn't get the same for mine (which is in excellent condition) so I pulled it. For whatever reason there doesn't seem to be much demand for them. Thought I'd sold mine for 600 last month but the buyer pulled out. Even though I never play it I'm now keeping hold of it as long as I can. When I bought it a couple of years ago they were going for 750+ over here. So even at 600 I'd be taking a hefty kick in the wallet. Shame as its probably my best playing JS & the FX Bridge is pretty remarkable. Maybe I should give it another go - perhaps this time I"ll bond with it.....
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