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Re: NOGD: 1992 Ibanez RG770DX Violet Metallic

Originally Posted by RGTFanatic View Post
Congratulations P!! How great it is to have her back. Fortunately it looks like the girl you sold it to kept it in good shape.

I still think that VM and HP are the same color........LOL
We're gonna have to meet up and compare your 760 with my 770 Ryc. I reckon you're closer to me than I am to you so you must visit....

Yeah the girl did take pretty good care of it...fitted a brass sustainer block too...hey bonus!! I have the original Lo Pro Edge one if anyone's interested??

Oh yeah...I almost forgot...this very guitar in action...played by the girl I sold it to. I met up with her last week to buy it back. Nice girl Sarah....thanks if you're reading this..
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