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NGD: 1987 RG550 Road Flare Red

Before I kick on in to this post I'd like to take a moment to tribute this to my father who just passed away this week and my uncle. Both were incredible people and I probably wouldn't be such a music/guitar nerd if it wasn't for their encouragement..

..Now, on to the main topic. To make it short and sweet I've spent the better part of 5 years searching for one of these amazing pieces of excellent 80's hair awesomeness after seeing Paul Gilbert holding one in an ad photo. Lucky for me Jemsite is just the place where all your Ibanez dreams come true and I stumbled on to a post from a fellow Jemsiter that had one to part with. The guy was simply amazing to work with and even held the guitar for a while for me, I can't thank him enough.


It is definitely the oldest RG I've owned and surprisely the best in condition, besides two tiny nicks on the headstock. It has no neck joint cracks, no fret wear, no paint chips, etc. It's also been quite a while since I've messed with an original edge, as I usually fit my rg's with lo-pros, and played on the original Ibanez pickups. All in all it sounds and looks excellent. I couldn't be happier to finally own one of the Ibbys I've always wanted!
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