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Re: Any info about these rare Ibanez guitars?

Originally Posted by RGTFanatic View Post
Way old necro........ but there's one for sale on the bay....... except the one on the bay is vastly different. I know the 780 exists (as this thread proves) but the one on the bay is a PN with a DX type mirrored pickguard?? The one on the bay shows a pic of the heel stamp with correct font, but there's no way of knowing if thats the same neck thats on the guitar for sale............. Also, the one on the bay has a V7-V8 set which would be wrong for any 7xx.

Anybody think the one on the bay is legit?? If not, what do you think it is?? I've never heard of a 750DXPN......

yes Ryc, there are some weird Japanese stuff outhere that are not being exposed yet.
for some reason, the naming of the model are quiet confusing, for example I have seen RG 720 on the yahoo japan auction, it's a dual humbucker style RG with sharkies and binding, and yet we never found any prove of this thing ever exist, not even in the catalog.
So we would thinking, that it might be some store special order or something.
And here a Purple neon without pickguard, and sometimes it's called RG 780 or 680 too.
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