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Re: Ibanez 7 String Acoustic

Originally Posted by UV-7-BK View Post
Yep, i'll be getting one of these. I just cant play 6 strings no too used to the thickness of a 7 string......and finding a AJ307CE is becoming damn hard

Dont suck balls Ibanez....bring em to OZ
UV-7-BK: I'm going to defend Australis here who as most of you know bring Ibanez into Australia. I'm an Aussie and I work in Japan for Ishibashi and I worked in Australian Guitar Shops for around 10 years so I know how this all works.

Fact is, it's not as simple as "not sucking balls". There is a requirement from the various individual factories (not just a brand as a whole) to order in bulk and also to order a much larger number than just say 10, 20 or whatever of just one model.

Think about it this way, Australia is roughly 22,000,000 people. The USA has roughly 365,000,000 people. That's a HUGE difference. And then on top of that, most of you will probably want to shop in the USA to save $50 anyway.

Simple fact is, if you want companies like Australis to help support you guys, you need to support them and have a little bit of patience for them to be able to get things into play.

So to return the sentiment you so lovingly used, are you going to not suck balls and be patient enough for a month or two for them to be able to make the AEL20E a reality in Australia?
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