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Re: "Viagles" NEW PAINT IDEA by alan Out Of this

Originally Posted by sebastian View Post
What was the process for getting that look?
Thanks Guys

The idea is very simple.

you need paints a pencil and some cardboard and a ton of patients.

make some triangle templates with your cardboard, making sure the triangles have different base lengths, so as they all are different ratios thin middle wide, then make some tall some short ect.
now start laying them out on a primed guitar and draw around the shapes with a 3H pencil (something faint) make it as complicated or a open as you like *REMEMBER if you make it very tight and you only have 3 colors you will end up with a lot of triangles converging and have a limited color pallet so you may end up with 3 pink triangles together not a great look but can also add to the supposed randomness of the look. if it's starting to look all one color just add another triangle in to separate the colors.

OKay now you have it all painted in, wait for it too dry fully now barrier coat with clear.
Now it looks pretty nasty as you have no edges you may think I am going to toss this DON'T.

Get your black and draw in the edges then the colors all seem to pop and it takes on a cool quality IMO. again let this dry and barrier over it all again, touch up any areas you are unhappy with and then clear the project. DONE

There are 2 versions one perfectly straight line (or as close as you can get) or very free flowing lines Ala a donnie style line (wobbly) This style looks better to me and take off the pressure as one none straight line and you work can look ruined, on the other hand a few not so straight edges on the wobbly version and it's just part of the effect.

All the best if you have a go, the color combos are limitless each triangle could be a different color, there are no rules.

If anyone does copy it, please post your pic on the end of here if you don't mind so I can come back and see what folks got up to, all the best



COULD SOMEONE PLEASE ALTER THE TITLE TO READ :"VIAngles" etc please I didn't spot that till now, thanks mods.
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