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How you have to position your hand in conjunction with the size and shape of your hands and fingers (let alone if you have any history with joint or nervous disorders) will depend on what you prefer. So, Rich is 100% correct. Words like "good, better, best, worse, horrible, etc" are words of opinion, not facts, and it's very hard to make generalizations about guitars that will work for everybody. Everyone is different and NO two people will ever really play or sound EXACTLY alike.

True, a thinner neck has less bulk and may offer SOME folks less resitance. You will play better or to the best of your current abilities on something you are comfortable with and not everyone likes thin necks. some people also find heavier-gauged strings easier to play on as opposed to lighter strings.

Also think: the DBK has a thinner neck than the 7VWH ans SBL. Now think of Vai's playing. Now look at the guitars you mostly see Vai with. HMMM.......

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