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I think every one has something to say about the way that pickups sounds... It 's got a lot to do with what you hear!
I've been tried differents jems since 1991 and i like the sound of a "paf pro". I also like the sound of the "evolution pick ups" but in a different way.

For me, the "paf pro" sounds more "rock and roll", more "yankee rose*" than the evolution who has more sustain, more control, they are less loosy...

I'm not sure that every body will agree with me but I really think :

Paf pro = steve vai in David lee roth* (*I know he was playing differents types of guitars : green meanie, tom anderson etc... but when I play "skyscraper" or "stand up" with my bfp... I can feel it!)

Evolution = steve vai "alien love secret's" type of sound.

I'm sure there's a lot to say about pickups sound and I really want to know what other jem fan thinks about that...
Let's share our point of view.

May be you can also check in the jemsite forum archive, I think they have already talked about that.

See ya

PS : I repeat it's only my point of view!
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