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looking for painting service that offers a crackle finish

hi guys,

I'm trying to find a US based guitar painting/finishing service that offers an old school 80s Charvel/BC Rich crackle.

Most pro services do not offer a crackle, either due to EPA restrictions or lack of experience. I have one vendor who's willing to do one, but he appears to have never done one before (based upon his gallery) and for the price he is asking I could just about buy an 80s original crackle on eBay..

so, was wondering if any of you had done a crackle effect yourselves or knew a painter who did them for a reasonable rate.

there's a company in the UK who sell Vreeble paint and have an awesome video on youtube, but that's about as close as I got so far...

any advice, hints, tips or leads gratefully received by this child of the 80s and lover of all things poodle rock..
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