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Re: Dimarzio Pickup Orientation

WOOOW. Thanks everyone for the responses. I never expected this amount of feedback. My apologies for not responding. I was out of the country for a few weeks without internet.
Anyway, I'll go with the cable exit towards the bridge based on your responses. And the reason I'm so anal about it is because I'm trying to record mixes solely through my Pod HD connected to my PC. The Breed and Evo2 are both significantly brighter with the cable exit towards the bridge when the pickup selector is in the bridge position.I want the pickups installed as intended so that I can guarantee that the pickup direction is not automatically going to destroy my mixes if installed the way it wasn't intended to be. I know dimarzio says either way doesn't matter, but I feel as though they're just saying this because some people may find beauty in either orientation. Im sure Dimarzio engineered the pickups with a standard orientation in mind because they have to engineer the pickup so that one coil compensates for the tinnier sound closer to the bridge while the other coil compensates for the less tinnier sound further from the bridge. Also, Im not sure if this is a factor, but in one orientation, the low E string, which has a higher output, is above one set of adjustable screw coils. If you flip the orientation, the adjustable screw coils that were once under the low E string are now under the high E string, which has lower output. This is why I want to use the orientation that the pickup was engineered for. So that all these factors are accounted for.
I know this is being completely overly anal, but at this point I see no reason not to go with Seymour Duncan for my next pickup purchase. They sell so many pickups that are equally on par with Dimarzio, but I gain the additional closure of knowing my pickup is installed with the orientation that was intended based on the logo.

Additional note: There's a few threads on here where people were completely turned off by their Dimarzio pickup in one orientation, but when they turned it to the other direction, it sounded awesome. In my case, it's more a matter of one orientation is brighter and the other is fatter and both are usable tones. However, I'd strongly prefer to use the correct orientation because I don't want to spend hours on a mix only for it to turn out sounding badly because the pickup was installed with the unintended orientation. If I have the closure of knowing it's installed with the correct orientation, I no longer have to question if the problems in my mixes are due to the pickup orientation and can focus on other factors that may be contributing to problems in my mixes.

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