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This guitar is an amalgamation of Ibanez parts.
The Neck plate dates the guitar as a 1990.
Iíve seen this guitar out there over the years and finally got a chance to own it.

It a UV7BK Green Dot that has a real Ibanez MC Pyramid neck on it.

Iím trying to decide what to do with it.
I have an Area 51 aftermarket rear route Universe body.
Iím toying around with the idea of having Livewire Guitars swirl the body in a UVMCRE style swirl.
Then slap that neck on it and basically have a Universe Multicolor Reissue.
Another option would be to leave the neck and body together and add some powder coated hardware.
Or, I could just leave it like it is.
Click the link to see a full set of pics-

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