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Re: Bored out of my mind!

Originally Posted by FireEagle View Post
I'm pretty lucky that my daughters like to go fishing... heck, they go without me sometimes. Sometimes you catch some, but most times we come home empty handed. Last weekend my daughter hooked a monster and she fought the fish for an hour and a half! I'm 45 and that has never happened to me... but the fish was so big we never got to see more than huge swells when it would get close to the bank and take off again stripping line off her reel. Finally wrapped around a tree trunk underwater and snapped the line.

Your friend caught a body? Yikes... that would be kind of freaky!

Ah that's fantastic that they share an interest if for no other reason than it gives opportunities to catch up. I don't feel so old now either, I'm 40 and the only large fish I ever encountered was a manowar that put me in hospital for 2 days.

Yes it was quite freaky, particularly as he thought he had caught a large pike at first, still remember the "oh this one's quite a fighter" he was leaning back away from the bank, I looked in and saw what was coming up, despite the shock I still managed a "you won't be cooking this one, Neil". Luckily for us it was some poor guy who had jumped in the previous day, at least that's what the cops thought. I also remember being kept there for hours while we filled out statements and the lift home we were promised by the cops never materialised so on top of everything we got in **** with our parents for being late.
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