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Re: Stripping a 540R

Originally Posted by ashbass View Post
RGT, thanks for the info. The paint is a thin coat on top of what you think is sanding sealer. The sealer is thick. It is as thick as the poly that I took off yesterday. I need to get this sealer off to get to the wood. Do you still recommend the heat gun to do that? I tried a plastic scraper yesterday and the tip got all melty bendy because it was in touch with the heat gun. I used a metal scraper.

DG, IMO (1) the finish is thick thick thick and would require very very very much sanding to get down to the wood. Sanding would take way more time and would be more messy because sawdust is harder to sweep up than chips. (2-the main reason) I don't want to accidentally change any contours of the body by oversanding or undersanding.
No, If your going to finish it with a solid color- leave the sanding sealer on it. Your going to have to seal any exposed wood before priming anyway. You may as well take advantage of the stuff that's already on there. Sand everything with 180 til you can't feel any ridges/bumps/dents....etc. Then go over it with a light handed 220 grit. Come back here after that...... you should be ready for a sanding sealer after the 220.
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