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If you could get us either the model name (S-540-JAPAN, S-5400-NT, S-3040-PL(BS), etc) or a pic, that would help.

- There's only one guy in the world who does the finish on the S-540-JAPAN. It's EXTREMELY caustic (to apply; not to own/play), and the guy who does them is guaranteed to die sooner rather than later. Cheery little fact, eh? :-) Very cool finish though.
- The S-5400-NT's are HEAVY. Makes a LesP*ul feel like balsa wood. LOL Gorgeous guitars...just ask Andy Martin. He's got one. ( Check out the videos.
- The S-3040-PL and -BS are great guitars that can be found at normal prices (right around $1K). Probably the most widely available J-Customs, but still tough to find. PL is for Pearl White and BS is the sunburst finish.
- There are some new J-C's out of Japan that are pretty sweet. Check out the S-9870. Lookin' good!
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