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As most of you should have read by now, I sold my RGR1570 to LonePhantom. It really is a GREAT guitar, but that "suede black" finish always drove me nuts........I couldn't get over it........LOL.

Anyway, Jclogston put this 1560 up for sale at the same time I was selling the RGR to LP. The 1560 is just a lot more my style so this worked out very well for all of us.

I played it with the pups Jeff had in it for a few days just to get to know them. They're a great combo that I will use in another guitar. For this one I wanted something a little more sedate than all of my other high output guitars. I loaded it with an AT-1 bridge and a pair of Air Norton-S'. So far I'm pretty happy with the pups, but I still have to switch over to my normal electronics setup before passing final judgement. The thing I did screw up on (I think) was buying creme pups. I think they blend too much with maple board........ oh well. live and learn, right?

There's not a single nick or ding on this guitar anywhere. Other than some seriously light swirl marks...... this guitar is absolutely clean. It is a second so it has a "Used" stamp on the back of the head. For whatever reason they also drilled out the last 4 digits of the serial #.....weird. I still have no idea why it's a second. I really can't find anything that would cause it. I'll pull the neck this weekend and work on tweaking and setting it up.......maybe I'll find something then.

A couple of quick picks..... I'll get more over the weekend if I can.

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