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I for one am glad,however bad the band maybe,that rock has a mainstream influence again,i use the word rock as i dont really like to label stuff to much.
So 1.Its good to see bands playing there own tunes again 2.its great to see bands playing their own instruments 3.Its fantastic that these bands use their instruments and go out and play live,It dosent matter if you dont like a band and think they are untalented,lets face it,Fred durst has an ego the size of alaska and cant sing imho,but does it stop limp selling records? Nope not one jot,If everyone on this site,and there family and freinds boycotted Limp Bizkits,KoRn's,Staind's etc music and did'nt buy any of there records or go to thier shows,What differance would it make in the grand scheme of things ? None,A few thousand sales less will not affect many of todays popular bands.
As for the 7 string argument,It could also be...Why do you need to play a PRS to play *nu-metal* ? i see this argument continuing for some time yet,but remember dudes,Would you prefere to listen to the new generation of rock acts,Or as in the UK,get group after group of boy/girl bands that sound the same?
Yes i do own a 7 string,yes it is tuned down to A,I also have a LP standard which is tuned to C,and an Ibanez es175 tuned to open C for da blues,my other ibanii are standard tunings,i do this for the most versatile options,my 7 is my main squeeze,and i use the 7th (A) for added depth,and occasional low riffage,whilst still being able to solo up high,It's the easy solution.
Dont take any of this post negatively,we all have opinions,and no-ones opinions are wrong,Just take a step back and review whats been said,look at things from a differant perspective,and make sure your opinions have been noted.

All the best

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