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Got to meet Andy James

Figured some of you guys may like to see these as I'm guessing there are more than a few of you around who've heard of Andy James. Basically I got this opportunity after I joined his Online Guitar Academy, the guy who runs the website and produces the vids (a hugely talented bloke called Nick Able) Offered me the chance to come up and meet himself and AJ during a filming session for the Academy and the upcoming UMI 2 DVD they were shooting.

First off Andy has been one of my favourite guitar players for a long time now so it was definitely cool to get to meet him and have a bit chat about gear and music etc in general. Nick is also a cracking player, the pair pretty quickly put me to shame when they got hold of my guitar to see what it was like haha.

Both Andy and Nick (if you've had an experience with the academy) come across exactly how you'd imagine them on camera, very laid back, just genuine nice guys who seemed more than happy to just sit and chat and answer pretty much any question I had. Anyway there are a few pics below.

Unfortunately due to the greens screen for filming we couldn't have a mess with my guitar on camera, but I got a little look at his signature ESP AJ1 which looked stunning in the flesh

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