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Re: Nearly Naked Telecaster Build

Originally Posted by Surveyor 777 View Post
That looks great!

To the OP - you said you used one coat of Tru-Oil. Is that enough to protect the wood?

Reason I ask - I want to do something similar, but with a Strat. I already have the neck and I have a body in my Amazon cart right now. I don't want to paint it - I just want to see the natural color BUT I want to make sure the body is protected. So Tru-Oil is the way to go? And is there a benefit to using more coats?

I'll have to start searching YouTube for instructional videos on how to do this but wasn't sure what kind of finish to search for.
I'm not 100% sure. I figure at $90 for the body, I would risk it. At worst the wood could get grungy and then I would need to sand it down and reapply some finish to it.

I finished a warmoth neck with 6 coats of tru-oil, gave it time to dry, and then used car wax to get it to shine. It feels like a sprayed on finish.
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