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Re: NGD: Prestige RGA 7-string

Originally Posted by mike570 View Post
Super sweet! The RGA line died way before its time IMO!
No offense to your guitar, which is awesome, but it was killed by making it MII on hardtails and removing the passive pickup option.
I absolutely agree. Some of the MII isn't too bad, but the lack of a Prestige RGA7 was terrible. I wouldn't have considered buying an RGA7 except that I had this 1527 neck and planned to do this from the get-go.

But, the RGA line from the beginning was focused on hardtails, so it's not too surprising the RGA7 was a hardtail. I much prefer trems, but it seems like a lot of 7 string guys don't. And the EMG routes are annoying, but assuming the rumors are true, all the major players soon will have soap-bar mount 7-string pickups available, so it shouldn't realy be a deal breaker.

I'd love to see the RGA return, but I really dislike the beveling/scalloping they did to the front horns on the later versions. Even on the current Bowen sig. If the RGA returned with that same shape, I'd probably pass anyway.
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