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Re: Everybody needs an Uncle Ben; including Ibanez.

Ben is it. I am surprised he's not endorsed yet.

There are so many really great shredders out there, and Ibanez is by far the most used guitar by the shredder set so I can see why it's exceptionally hard to get on their endorser list. With Fender or Gibson, you only need to sell a lot of albums as a pop or country star and then they make a guitar for you, but with Ibanez, besides selling records you also have to be a great player since great technical playing is inseparable from the Ibanez moniker. It took forever for them to see Nita Strauss and I am glad she is finally being recognized beyond the metal shredding community.

Ben could be a really great ambassador to Ibanez, especially since he also has a great and friendly online presence.

Who does Jemsite (membership) have as Ibanez endorsers besides the great Magnus Olsson? I think Kyle could someday be a sponsored Ibanez name, too.
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