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Originally Posted by Un_like View Post
I just find it odd, I have 2 MIK prestiges and got molded cases with them...
what's the price on that RC?I doubt a MIJ ibanez can be cheap
I paid 109,000 yen. Any normal RG prestige starts at about 130,000 (like the 2015 RG2550MZA). The Genesis collection RGs were at 85,000 or so, the GCs from last year were the AR models, and all of them were 130,000+. So, yes, the cheapest MIJ guitars currently are the RCs.


There is one model of the RC1720 that has soapbar single coils (yellow and white) that are about 10,000 yen cheaper than mine, but I like humbuckers so I went for maple board RC (plus I like maple more than rosewood)
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