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Re: Need help with pocket shim/bridge adjustment

Originally Posted by nickf View Post
So I have and older RG321MOL with the WII neck, really solid guitar, But ever since I got it I have this issue with it. So due to the indo craftmanship i get there will be some fret buzz, but this is a little different.

So everything is stock on the guitar, and the bridge saddles have to be adjusted ALL the way up almost to the point where the screws are coming out of the saddles just so there minimal fret buzz.

So Im thinking that I should put a shim in the neck pocket. All the info I can find on shimming the neck pocket is the opposite condition that I have where the saddles are all the way down and they shim the back (bridge side) of the pocket. Im thinking that I should shim the front (headstock) of the pocket.

Nick F
Hi Nick,
Yes, a headstock side shim will probably solve your problem, but you should pull the neck off first to make sure that there isn't anything in there already that's causing the neck angle you have now.
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