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Re: Is this worth it?

Originally Posted by Drew View Post
That's about $900, even after the recent fall in the yen?

I won't speak to it from a collectability standpoint because frankly I don't care, really, but $900USD can buy you a LOT of guitar in a used Ibanez, especially in Japan, these days. That's a tough sell.
It's more like 840 or so, I just make it easier for people to understand so I make it a round number.

I totally agree. My 560 and 580 together (had I paid full price for the 580) would have cost 80,000 yen. Ishibashi has a black rocket roll for like 45,000 yen (half the price) so I was wondering if just because it's candy apple and allegedly not released in Japan, if it's worth double the price of the black RR.
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