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NGD - Prestige RG655 - Firestorm Orange Metallic

Hey guys/gals...

First post although I have browsed Jemsite for a very long time. Always great information here and thanks for all the great posts and sharing you guys. Over the last 30 years I have had dozens of guitars and some of which I really wish I would have hung on to. As you know, priorities change and sometimes you just need the cash. In any case I have been ramping up my collection again now that I am in a better position in general to do so

I had a couple RG's back in the 90's and really missed those guitars. I snagged a JemDBK a few years ago and sold it. Long story short, I decided to pick up a RG655 after a lot of research and am very glad I did!

I realize I am still in the honeymoon stage as it arrived just this week but... I have a couple USA custom shop Washburn's (X81 Faceraser #5 of 25 and a Trans black Idol) and the 655 plays/sounds as good if not better. Those two Washburn's I have kept and have been my go to guitars for years. I am now changing my mind set and wish I would have stuck with a few more Ibanez RG's over the years. Hard to explain but the playability and vibe is just inspiring?
The neck is amazing and I was not sure I would like such a thin neck.

Of course now I am thinking I need a few more

Looks like I am unable to post links/pics until 10 posts so not sure if this is OK to do? Mods, let me know or remove if necessary.

dropbox DOT com/sh/diedy895afft5p4/AAArCeNVrt0IeTjCQL5ed_vIa?dl=0

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