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my first fender

long story short :
been wanting a classic style guitar for a while, keep looking for AT 100, but hesitate to pay the price, the second alternative : AT10P ? same... I won't pay the brand new price for what is it.
also looked at the used AT10P, the price is not cheap at all, maybe I can get an american standard strat for that price..WAIT! what? american std strat? it seems to be a good idea.

so I scored this 2008 amer std strat, black and white ( my all time fav colors), maple neck, and pretty good condition too.
the fretboard still clean , fretwire is like 75% left, still OK.
the only problem with me is : i don't know anything about this guitar, it's not in my territory, not in my comfort zone.

I also aware that this may not be good for what style I play, but I really do want something different.

so after playing it for a while now, I don't have anything to complain about. Well maybe except for the bridge pickup which is somehow waaaaaay very different than what I have in mind. the ear piercing brightness with full distortion is way too much for me to handle.
maybe this is the only thing I want to change in the near future.
I want something warmer and a little more gain for the bridge pickup, but still having the true single coil character.

candidates are : dimarzio injector and duncan SSL-5.

other than that, it's a very loud guitar, I'm not sure maybe because of its brightness.

playability is very nice for chording, but bending is PITA. I use 9-42 D'addario XL sets.
I still can shred on this what the sound is not really that good...
and definitely this thing is not built ready for djent.

I'd guess the strat is going to be around for a while.
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