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Looking for ibbys Rg in L.A. need help

Hi guys,

It's been six years since I've been on these forums. I came back because I'm looking for a guitar I never got. A lot has changed and it feels like another life time.

I recently bought and returned a Jp60 because it wouldn't stay completely in tune when I either bent or used the whammy somewhat extensively and I mean I want to be able to use it like Steve Vai does. So I remembered lusting after an Ibby and never getting one. Since I first joined I have moved to L.A. and an now I'm much more likely to get the guitar I've s always dreamt of.

I have a problem though. I'm ridiculously and I mean obsessive compulsively picky when it comes to instruments. To the point that I can drive myself and others crazy. This is the reason why I'm reluctant to buying online for myself.
Where can I find a place in los Angeles where I can test RG guitars at my own pace?

I literally spent two hours at G.C. Sherman oaks testing guitars with Floyd trems and only the Schetter c1 platinum with the special Floyd(as in cheap version of the Floyd) was a little better at staying in tune than the sterling jp60.
I couldn't find any prestige or premiums there, only a jem junior and a used korean s470 with zpr that wouldn't stay in tune.
I also tested peavy evh wolfgang and didn't find it much better than the jem jr. That one had the same sPecial Floyd but the setup wasn't as good
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