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Re: Looking for ibbys Rg in L.A. need help

Originally Posted by Rich View Post
You're shopping the wrong store if you want a really good guitar.


Seriously, I spent a few hours in the GC Hollywood AND both Sam Ash stores (all on Sunset). While there was a good selection of Ibanez guitars to choose from, none of them had a playable setup. IMO, Ibanez doesn't get the attention (or money) some of the custom shop Fenders and Gibsons that were all hanging on the walls. Because of this, perfect RG Prestige's and even a few J-customs hung on a back wall without ever being touched by the house techs. It was kind of disheartening.

Anyway, I'll repeat what Matias said- Find a New RG thet you love the look of, come here to get the "low-down" on whatever model number you find, then when your ready to buy just call Rich for a PERFECTLY setup, handpicked, professional guitar that will answer your "dream" for many years to come. Seriously, I've bought a few from him..... You CANNOT buy a higher quality, better fitting and playing guitar anywhere on the planet...... especially not from a box store.
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