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Re: Looking for ibbys Rg in L.A. need help

Here are a few questions for Rich.

1.-Can you confirm your return policy is 7 days only?

A: Found it:, 24 hrs.

2.-IF and only IF I have to return the guitar how does the shipping work?
a.-Do I need to pay for shipping myself? I tried to return a cheap electro-acoustic and the price was 90. Half the price of the guitar. It's sitting at my place with a lifted bridge, a nice nut and almost unplayed D'Addarios, even a nice set up.
b.-Do you have instructions on how to pack the guitar (besides body bubble wrapping) to ship it? How about making it "new" again after playing it. I can think of things like oil and string lube but other than that what do you suggest.

Here are questions for Rich customers about things like the Shipping carrier, etc.

1.-How do you feel about having a guitar shipped? I know Rich is probably the most meticulous guy around and that's why I always keep him in mind. The thing I'm worried about is how the carrier is going to treat the guitar and what would happen If I have to return it.

Thank You!

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