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Guernsey's Auction of Vintage Guitars?

Hey I received this message via e-mail not that long ago and thought maybe it would be a good idea to share. I guess it is just an advertisement, but it sounds good. Does anyone know about this Guernsey's auction house?

"A Letter From The President

Dear Guitar Enthusiast,
In mid-October, Guernsey's will be conducting a major auction of valuable vintage guitars. We are alerting you to this event on the chance that you might wish to participate as a consignor.

Several years ago, Guernsey's - the New York City-based auction house - demolished the previous world record when it sold Jerry Garcia's electric guitars for an average price of $1 million each. Within the last 9 months, the firm has sold a 1930 Martin OM 45 Deluxe,* and one of Les Paul's original "Black Beauties," each for approx. half a million dollars. Other Guernsey's auctions have included the sale of country legend Waylon Jennings' instruments and Elvis Presley's first guitar. (*The OM 45-Deluxe is now a star attraction at The Martin Guitar Museum, Nazareth, PA.)

Upcoming in the fall will be Guernsey's next Guitar Auction which will be featuring extraordinary instruments of every description. There will be beautiful acoustics, early electrics plus guitars made valuable by the famous musicians who played them. We are contacting you with the hope that you may own or represent one or more** desirable instruments that will sell well when presented to a global audience. (**Consignments indeed can range from a single guitar to a sizable collection.) Recently named as "one of the world's five best auction houses," Guernsey's has achieved its unprecedented success by working closely with national and international media networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, CNN, BBC, Reuters, Associated Press, etc.) in spreading the word of upcoming events to countless millions. A short visit to will reveal a long list of record-setting accomplishments that include, among hundreds of other events, such sales as the ocean liner SS United States (the world's largest auction), the landmark Cold War auction of artwork from the Soviet Union, the sale of the complete archive of Rosa Parks, and the definitive auctions focusing on such iconic figures as John F. Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, Princess Diana, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Mickey Mantle and Jazz greats John Coltrane and Charlie Parker.

To discuss the possibility of including your valuable instruments in the fall Guitar Auction and see them handsomely pictured in the comprehensive catalogue we are producing for the event (it has often been said that our books are the finest published), please contact me directly. I would be delighted to describe how the simple consignment process works, answer any questions you might have and otherwise try to assist in determining if this powerful event will be right for you.

Thanks, I look forward to your email or call."

I have a friend who is a guitar dealer who received the same message. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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