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Re: Crazy amount of finish fading on PRS

Originally Posted by patricio2010 View Post
Jem7vwh , i had similar story with an Ibanez Artfield… a couple of years ago German Luthier repainted the guitar Purple for me. After maybe 7/8 months the guitar started to loose the beautiful purple color and became a brown dwarf…so to say ( also minimal sunlight on it)..…after a year it was completely brown. All the purple was gone.
I consulted some guitarpaint specialists over here in Europe ( actually 2 of the best in Germany) and they told me , first Purple is one of the most difficult colors to handle. One of them told me that he normally wouldn't do purple job.Second ..the outcome after a few years could be different and a risk. They both told me it was probably lack of a good UV filter that caused the discoloration .
Unfortunately, i couldn't get a refund or warranty from the German Luthier and as he had no solutions to fix it. , so i found a Luthier in Holland who did a perfect purple job on the Artfield. I lost money on that guitar but it still has her purple color and looks beautiful.
As in your case did you contact PRS , a company like that must be able to find a fix.
Owning a lot of purple guitars, i can say its a beautiful but unpredictable color.

Hope all will come out good for you dad's guitar.

PM if you wanna see some pics.
I'm sorry to hear about your "brown dwarf"--purple is my favorite color and I'm always disappointed at how hard it is to find nice guitars in the color.

Fortunately, I think my dad still likes his guitar with its faded wine color; but I was just amazed at how badly it has faded.
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