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Originally Posted by Chronos333 View Post
By the way, a little comment on EMGs, because I read a lot of crap on them over the net.
My point on EMGs ( I have been playing them for 10 years now, never tried the 60 though):
- If you have a cheap amp, don't use EMG, it will be worse
- If you have a cheap guitar, don't use EMG, it will be worse
- If all your equipment is fine but your playing technic is imprecise: don't use EMG, it will be worse
- If someone tells you these are high output, stop listening
- If someone tells you the fact they use a preamp on board makes them bad: ask him if he plays straight in the poweranp and never plays with a preamp and/or a tube screamer before reaching the poweramp.
- If someone tells you they don't let the "wood speak" and are very neutral, ask him to go talk to the trees because they respect your equipment sound far more than any passive that colour your sound and hide some of your playing. There is a contradiction there because neutral means to me no artificial colouring.

The only thing I concede against EMGs is they sometimes overcompress your sound, but I found a way to solve this (EQ + 24V)
I love EMG81/60 in mahogany single cut sort scale. My only complaint is 50Hz + RF EMF interference noise compared to Duncans/DMZs
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