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Re: JEM505 pickup suggestions - metal oriented

Just a thought seeing as it is a Jem....

I like the Evo bridge in my Jem 555, plenty of output, I'm surprised they put V pups in the 505 - very bad Mr Ibanez. I did change the magnet to a Alnoico 8 in mine, gave it better tone, but for for those style of music the Ceramic 8 will have more bite and a little more power.

Also, the older I get and the more I really hear my tone, and well, less gain is more tone and clarity. I have'nt tried one of the super high output pups, so this is just guess, but I'd be thinking the tone out off a pickup with output around 400 is going to better than something up around 500 like the X2N or D Acitvator's - as mentioned above, can be compressed and harsh.
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