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Re: No Custom orders again! Time to replace CEO

Lipe has his own business now, and Ron Thorn does too. Thorn does inlays and swirls for ibby, but nothing beyond that I believe. He also does inlay work for Jackson, Fender, etc...

One of the guys running one of my companies that set up a run of guitars with Thorn told me Ron is very happy with the size of his business now and likes the level of involvement he has in terms of handling the day-to-day/building, so I'm not sure he would really even be open to building for LACS.

Ron does do a 24 fret super-strat now by the way, it's called the Rune and it's quite affordable. You can get almost anything you can think of in terms of options. I think most end up around the $3000 dollar mark, which is very affordable given what you're getting.
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