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Re: No Custom orders again! Time to replace CEO

Stealth kind of obliquely hit this one on the head - capacity isthe major issue here. Ibanez has a LACS now, true, but it's just for artists (and I guess occasional small batch runs). They're staffed for current capacity, and if they started taking customer orders on top of that, they'd need to expand, potentially by quite a lot.

Additionally, I think it's a pretty safe bet that a public LACS option would probably cut into their high end production sales somewhat, so not only are there the extra costs associated with estimating and ramping up production and the risks they get that wrong, there's also the costs of lost business to account for.

Ibanez seems to be doing just fine these days, and it's simpler for them to keep doing what they're doing. If you need a high end superstrat custom-ordered, there are plenty of other quality shops willing to do that for you - Jackson, Suhr, Anderson, Thorn, etc.

Certainly nothing worth firing their CEO over.
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