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Re: No Custom orders again! Time to replace CEO

I do not see how Ibanez would lose money by letting people pay extremely high prices for guitars they build every day for endorsed artists. I understand endorsed artists indirectly generate revenue for Ibanez, but some direct revenue generation from unendorsed artists isn't a bad thing either.
exactly how I feel.
At the end of the day after playing my Ibanez guitars, it is still not my custom guitar. if ESP can do it, why can't Ibanez? I know Lipe and Thorn have their own line of guitars, but with their past and future relationship with Ibanez,I thought it would be a good time to offer USA custom and choose your builder between Tak, Lipe or Thorn, like Fender does with choose your master builder.
Thanks Jemsters for all your comments.
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