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You were close with the Oriental Series, but....

So Ibanez did release, outside of the US, an "oriental series" guitar which featured some additional, quarter-step frets. As far as I know, this is the only example of a major manufacturer offering a microtonal guitar. I think that most people who discover microtonal guitars initially want to know, where they can get ends up being disappointing when it becomes apparent that you have to have your own guitar converted, or purchase a converted or custom build from a no-name builder. People want microtonal guitars, especially 24-tone guitars fretted in quarter steps. Most of the microtonal guitars that are available are not modern enough or priced beyond the reach of most of the players who would be interested in them. I think Ibanez should release a full-fingerboard, quarter-step guitar with 24 frets to the octave, 48 total...I think it could sell better in the US than the people at Hoshino would project.
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