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Differences between s570 and s670

I bought a new s570dxqm a few years ago and liking it so far.
Just recently I had the chance to get a s670qm (always wanted one, because of the blue color).

I noticed two very significant differences between the two.
The s570dxqm has a warmer/deeper sound, while the s670qm sounds noticably more nasal and also lighter (talking about unplugged sound).

The second big difference is the weight. The s570dxqm is quite a bit heavier on the corpus end. I am really surprised how light the the s670qm is, compared to my 570.

How come both guitars have such differences. I expected both to be pretty much equal. The only real difference between both is
s570dxqm = ZR tremolo with ZPS2
s670qm = Edge-Zero II

Another slight difference is that I can get easier harmonics on the s670qm, while the s570dxqm has better sustain.

BTW, I am thinking about swapping the tremolo between both. At a glance, both trems look like the have the same dimensions. Would that be possible?
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