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decisions decisions, choices in my new Jem Project

Ok, so, in 10 more days I will be headed back to Canada and figure, once I'm back, I might as well get back into some of my projects. One of which is a Neck thru Jem. Now, I'm stuck on what to do with this guitar for a finish.
My initial idea was to do a Neck thru LNG with an ebony board and pyramid inlays, then, LNG with maple board, maybe a vine inlay, I dunno, then, I thought, maybe, I should do a classy looking finish, maybe a material finish, grrrrrrrrrrr, I'm sooooooooooo stuck, help me out, give me ideas here, and I'm also gonna have a poll, so once it's done, I'll put a link here, and you can all vote.

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