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Re: JEM Owners - 1st hand / 2nd hand / Both

Originally Posted by jono View Post
Mine are Japanese, purchased both new and second hand.
Thanks Jono. I'm interested to see if the majority of Jems are kind of going from fan to fan via second hand deals, coming off the shelves of guitar stores or from dealers like Rich who do both. I have two from the 'bay, one from the 'list and one private deal, all Japanese. I picked up a SFG from gumtree in Oz because it was an insanely low price. I didn't think I'd like the chrome hardware but as soon as I saw it and played a few chords it was in the bag. They're all second hand. It seems to me that there's still a healthy interest in Jems, but whether it's in the second hand market more than the new market, or whether it's more of a nostalgic market or from newer interest, this is why I've posted this poll. I hope people vote to at least see how it is within Jemsite.

I appreciate everyone who has taken part - thank you!
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