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String life has lots to do with you too...not just playing issues. If your hands just happen to sweat pure acid, you're gonna go through them more. I also wondered - Are you breaking them in the same place every time? I know you mentioned sanding the saddles, but are they breaking on the saddles, or somewhere over the pickups, or out toward the nut? Do you clean off your guitar's strings when done playing? There are so many variables, and so many things that strings go

I would think "heavy grit" sandpaper, as you said, would leave more burrs in the saddle. These burrs can kill your strings, obviously. I use a very fine rat-tail file. And I do it maybe once every couple of months at most. Some of my guitars have never had any filing done...

Another kinda common thing I see is people who use the same pick for like weeks on end, and have all these nicks in the side. This could also contribute to shredding strings quicker. Just some ideas from someone who fixes these issues all day Take care guys!
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